Thursday, November 21, 2013

Linus Meets Danny Trejo! 11/12/13

So I know I haven’t written in this thing in a while, but today I have good reason to. This post actually should have been put up several days ago when it happened, but I’ve been so busy that this is the first time I’ve actually had a free moment.

So, if you’ve read the headline for this post you’ve figured out that I had the pleasure of meeting Danny Trejo this past week. What’s funny, though, is how random the meeting was and honestly, that was the best part. So here’s now my Tuesday night went:

I came into work as normal and was going about my business when a small group of gentleman came in from the outside convention center doors. As I was talking on the phone with a guest staying at the hotel, I noticed from afar there was a gentleman that had walked in and approached the little candy dish that’s located at the front desk. I don’t admit this to many, but I’m farsighted so he appeared to look like just another man in his late fifties to early sixties. As I stayed focused on him, I noticed his features more and more and before I knew it, my brain was telling me, Damn, this guy looks just like Danny Trejo. I guess I wasn’t really at my sharpest that afternoon because for a few moments I was staring at him in a daze telling myself over and over again how much this guy looked like Machete himself until my lazy eyes finally looked up at the cap he was wearing and how in plain bright crimson the words Machete Kills were emblazoned across it. It was Danny Trejo! What the bloody hell was he doing in Visalia?

So I walked over to him and immediately, he flashed me a smile. Nervously, I asked him if he was Mr. Trejo himself and he laughed and confirmed his identity. He offered me his hand and shook it enthusiastically and I was instantly star struck. I, of course, gushed and confessed to how big of a fan I was of him (I mean who isn’t?) but more so of how random it all was. He then proceeded to tell me about having to get ready for an event he was attending next door in the convention center but that he would be happy to come back and talk to me and take pictures with me before the event. I was ecstatic. So what does Linus do? I immediately went online and managed to find a replica of the poster for Machete and printed three out (one for me, for my best friend, and one for my co-worker) in hopes that he would be kind enough to sign them.

So a few hours pass and soon enough, Danny emerged from the elevator all dressed in a black suit and donning cool silver jewelry and came to the desk as he’d promised. We carried on a short conversation about his movies and how big of a fan I am of his (I even made him laugh when he asked me what my favorite film with him in it is and I answered Blood In, Blood Out). I then asked him if he could sign the Machete posters I’d printed out and not only did he say ‘yes’, he signed them with a flourish and said to me, “There’s nothing I love more than obliging a true horror fan.” which absolutely thrilled me. He stayed a while with me at the desk and had a small quick conversation before he went off to speak at the Tulare Country Drug Court graduation ceremony where he was honored with a stainless steel machete adorned with the film’s logo and his name for his involvement with the organization.

I was told that the next morning he posed for pictures with some of the restaurant and hotel staff which does say a lot about celebrities of his caliber as some of the ones I’ve encountered during my lengthy hotel career didn’t have the decency to even give me the time of day. But it was in the stars as it worked out and now I have the privilege of having a replica of the one-sheet for Machete with Danny’s signature and a photo with him adorning my office, right next to the likes of John Saxon, Felissa Rose and Ari Lehman. Thank you, Danny, for recognizing your fans and treating them like real people and reminding us why we are dedicated horror fans. Fantastic!

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