Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Chamber of Thrills!

Hi everyone!

Yes, I know that Halloween 2010 has come and gone but for some reason, both facebook and this site would not allow me to upload the run-through of Reedley's haunted attraction, The Chamber of Thrills. After many attempts to do so on both sites, I managed to get it on YouTube and wanted to share it with you all on here. As most of you know, haunted attractions such a these are mostly immersed by darkness, so you will see a good amount of it here. But let the sounds be your guide. I especially love the ending - how it goes from complete chaos to eerie silence. There's nothing like being a horror fan and actually being chased by a guy with a real chainsaw! You have to live it once to appreciate it.

Thank you again to Lore Callahan who let me capture it on video exclusively for LL80'sH, and to the cast and crew for showing us a good time. You guys were awesome - can't wait for next year!