Friday, February 1, 2013

Linus is back on Facebook!

Hello everyone! Thank you so very much for all the recent hits to the site. Out of nowhere, you guys have catapulted this blog into the stratosphere and for that, I offer my deepest thanks. We are currently at just about 14, 000 hits which is just mind-blowing for me. Keep them coming! Share the page, tell a friend about it. As a matter of fact, we're returning to facebook! We'll be updating the page and offering some discussion points and there will be links to reviews and other fun stuff. If you haven't already become a member of the LL80sH group on facebook, here's the link:
Blog update: Butcher Baker, Nightmare Maker (Night Warning) was just recently dethroned from the top spot of 'most read entry' on this blog by A Nightmare on Elm Street - Part 2. And with a vengeance! It went from 390 reads to a whopping 2100 in just a span of 45 days. Not sure as to what the sudden interest was in that entry, but thank you again for all the reads! Feel free to leave comments on any of the entries. I look forward to seeing you on the facebook page!
P.S. The entry for the first A Nightmare On Elm Street is only a few days away from being posted. I had to take a break so I could make sure it's as good as the one for Part 2 that everyone's been reading. Stay tuned!