Thursday, October 9, 2008


Welcome to Linus Loves 80's Horror, a blog page dedicated to the review of and tribute to the classic horror films from the best decade in history: The 1980's. I've been viewing and collecting these films since I was a teen and many of them, thankfully, have found their ways into my hands. This blog is to give you all, the readers, my opinions and viewpoints on some of these great - and not-so-great - films that defined a generation and have become nostalgic reminders of the era when horror movie-making was at its pinnacle.

The viewpoints here are for entertainment purposes only. I want those of you reading to have a good time and see what another avid horror fan thinks about those same movies you've gown to love and cherish over the past 20 years. I might warn you, this blog will have many spoilers and I will assume that those of you reading have either seen these films in their entirety or know enough about them to see what someone else thinks and recommends. I'm not going to tell you scene-by-scene details like other horror tribute sites do, not because I don't want to, but because, again, if you're a fan, you've seen most of these.

Feel free to leave comments and ideas for discussion. I'd love to know what some of you think about these films.

I currently own appoximately 200 horror films in which 98% of them are from the period 1974-1989. Now, some more recent films deserve to be noted so from time to time, you'll see me review something a bit more modern, only because I would highly reccomend the film in question and would urge you as a fan to seek it out. I will review everything that I have in my collection and as I acquire new pieces, I will post them on here as well.

Every so often, I will post essays on the genre and film sub-genres and just opinions and thoughts I have about living with these films during the course of the 1980's and beyond. again, your feedback is always appreciated.

Happy reading!


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